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SEO More Important Than Ever

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) used to be something that website owners did when other marketing means had failed. For many websites it was often an afterthought. But things have changed.

Modern SEO has become a highly specialised and fairly technical skill. Google's search algorithms get ever tighter and Google has pretty much lauched an all-out war against 'spammy' websites, despite the fact that some of those sites were gaining them good advertising revenue!

High quality backlinks from sites with a good Google PageRank count more than they ever did, but they can be hard to get now that Google seems to be penalising mutual backlinking. The growth of article websites demonstrates just how important keyword-rich backlinked content has become in Internet marketing.

But before site owners get into heavy-duty article-writing campaigns they should consider the basics: Is their website content well-written and keyword-rich without being 'spammy'? Is it properly laid out so that search engine 'spiders' can process it properly? Is there enough written content on the site to ensure that it is well represented in search engines? Is the content relevant and does it contain active search phrases? These are just some of the questions that business and website owners need to ask themselves when considering their SEO strategy.

It's well worth considering leaving the SEO to a specialist firm. Do you really know enough about the subject to spend a lot of time and effort on it for potentially little reward? A good SEO firm should be able to give you some kind of guarantee about the ranking results they say they will achieve for your main keywords and keyphrases. You may even find that this kind of service is a lot cheaper than you thought it might be.

Whatever you decide, remember that SEO is important, whether you like it or not. A well SEO optimised and search engine linked website is a tangible and valuable asset. A website that nobody can find is pretty much worthless.

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