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Marketing Your Business

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marketing globe imageYou've probably heard a lot about business marketing. It's a vast and often confusing subject. But business marketing isn't really a separate subject; everything you do in your business should be about how best to sell your product or service.

We can get hung up on the glamorous side of business marketing: flashy websites; glitzy opening events; glossy mailshots. And those elements all have their place in the toolbox. But they can also be expensive and ineffective if not evaluated and followed up properly. Marketing campaigns also need to be backed up by the ability to deliver timely and consistent quality to customers.

Everyone in your business needs to feel that they have a stake in getting your customers to see your business in a good light. It's a good idea to have a marketing plan which has, at its core, a marketing message that's clear and easy to deliver. That way the message will be consistent and all marketing activities will be in tune with it.

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