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Work from home

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woman working from homeWorking from home is no longer the pipe-dream it once was. Modern computer, broadband and telecoms technologies make it easier than ever before to work efficiently from a home office. We can help you to make it happen.

There is currently a good deal of misunderstanding and misinformation about the subject of home-working. This is probably based on the situation in the past, when it often involved poorly-paid, low-status work. But these days many highly paid executives and creative, skilled people choose this route. Working from home is now growing in popularity and may, one day, become the norm. With the right advice and home-office setup you too can be one of the growing band of home-working pioneers.

We specialise in helping people to set up to work from home. Whether you are a remote worker for a large organisation, or a sole-trader setting up for the first time, a home office need never be a second-class option. In fact, it's quite possible to have better I.T. and telecoms in your home office than in a main office. And your quality of life will certainly be a great deal better. Yes, there are pitfalls to watch out for but, once you have experienced the flexibility that home-working can provide, it's unlikely that you'll want to go back to the old ways.

In order to work efficiently from home you are going to need a reasonable space to use as an office - preferably one you can close off in order to minimise disturbance. You'll need a broadband connection for this kind of work. And if you don't already have it you'll be glad to hear that there are ways of getting broadband just about anywhere these days. You'll need an efficient and stable computer, as you won't have an I.T. department on hand to fix it for you. The good news about this is that we can provide remote maintenance and troubleshooting services i.e. we can log into your computer remotely and get it up and running again! You'll need a flexible, easy to manage and low-cost telephone system. We can provide you with a VoIP phone system that will fit these criteria and, again, we can manage it for your remotely. You'll also need the right software in order to get the job done, and we can help with that too.

Getting in touch

We can provide practical advice about how to best work from home and we can supply all the equipment and services you'll need in order to make it happen. Contact us