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Freedom to work"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

While we're with Arthur C. Clarke on this one, fortunately this doesn't generally apply to work-related I.T.!

Most of it is actually surprisingly straightforward. It's often just badly organised. Having started with one PC and a telephone in a broom cupboard it has ballooned into an office full of expensive, power-hungry, unreliable, labour-intensive boxes and associated cables. This kind of "organic" growth of I.T. systems within a business can cause problems. The system may be centred around old-fashioned "legacy" machines which nobody knows how to replace without enormous upheaval.

The same can apply to software: you know there's something better out there but the time and money investment to bring it in just seems too great.

Well designed websites, whether simple or full-blown ecommerce, can appear to work by magic. But behind those sites there's a great deal of planning, expertise and understanding of the needs of the customer.

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