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Structure and Strategy

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Businesses often end up with their current structure quite by accident. The initial phase of getting a new business off the ground is exciting, and sometimes little thought is given to which structure might actually be best for the business.

It's obviously best to get this right from the start, but that doesn't always happen.


It's is always possible to restructure your business to find a way that works better for you, your colleagues and your staff. It can feel like a bit of a struggle so it's a good idea to get some independent advice. You want to have your business structured for growth: set up in a way that best allows it to develop and be successful.

There's the big stuff: should you be a Partnership; LLP; Limited Company. But there are also a myriad smaller "structural" issues within businesses: sometimes the skills in the business are not properly distributed for maximum efficiency.

Business strategy can end up on the back-burner because you are too busy just getting by from day to day. But it's vital that you do have some kind of strategy. This doesn't have to be anything fancy: it just involves giving time and clear thought to where you want to go and how you intend to get there. Having a strategy also helps you to identify training needs: if you know where you are going then you will have a better idea of what your people will need to know in order to get there.

Getting in touch

We can help you to find the best structure for your business. It may already be in place but not fully utilised. We can also help you to work out a clear strategy to take your business to the next level. Contact us